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Noela is Nigeria’s foremost online culinary academy. Our value proposition is providing women & men alike with the knowledge & tools they need to reach & even surpass thier culinary goals. 

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About Our Courses

Are you an aspiring professional chef? 

You might be a kitchen assistant or cook longing to improve your skills & move up the professional ladder but you cannot afford the time or monetary requirements to gain the knowledge you so desperately crave from a physical culinary school. 

Our professional chef course is for you.

Are you a working mum or homemaker struggling with feeding her family delicious, exciting & nutritious variety of meals? 

You just might you know how to prepare various meals but you feel overwhelmed and stressed out with everything you have to do in the kitchen daily. 

Maybe you don’t have so much time to spend in the kitchen but will love to feed your family with fresh variety of home cooked meals? 

If you fall into any of the categories above, our homemaker course is for you!

Are you a culinary enthusiast looking to improve your culinary skills? 
Or maybe you just don’t have the said culinary skills? 

Our recreational course is for you! 

Do you know how to prepare various meals but you feel overwhelmed and stressed out with everything you have to do in the kitchen daily? 

Are you unable to stick to your monthly feeding budget? 
Do you spend so much money on food but still feel like there’s nothing to eat? 
Our Kitchen Management Course is for you!


I'm so glad my dream of being a chef has finally come true without having to spend too much money or resign to go to catering school! Now I can look for a better job with higher pay! Thank you Noela foods

Ayogu Joy

My fiance tasted my party jollof rice & said my bride price must increase!He testifies that my cooking has improved dramatically & he's not one to throw compliments around loosely. I never thought I could be called a good cook, I'm still in shock. Thank you Noellas

Mandy Orjiakor

This course was money well spent. Just two weeks in & I can't even believe how much money, time & food I had been wasting. Not attending this course because of money is just being penny wise, pound foolish

Adewunmi Frances

Everyone can taste the difference in my cooking. I feel so empowered as a wife & a mother seeing my family excited about meal times. Working on implementing all I learnt about kitchen management

Ufot Sandra

I'm so glad I now have a clear picture on how to go about my business. Thank you for teaching me the ropes, new recipes & unique twists to old recipes that'll keep my customers hooked