Buka Stew

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If you’re Nigerian, you most likely know what a buka is. Bukas are roadside, “local”, restaurants where you have women cooking out in the open with roaring fires. They always have an interesting array of foods for sale. Everything from rice to porridge, “swallows” such as amala, pounded yam etc along with a variety of soups.
One thing that reigns supreme in most bukas is the buka stew. This stew is filled with an array of meats & served with virtually every dish they offer. Meats range from goat meat to cowleg to beef & offals. It also can contain some smoked round fish, fresh fish or boiled eggs.



There is really no limit to what proteins the buka stew can contain.

Buka stews have a distinct taste which can only be achieved by the trick that you’ll learn in this recipe. There are two ways to make this stew. You can choose to blend your tomato mix until it is really smooth, add more water to get really fluid stew – this produces silky smooth stew that will be perfect with amala & ewedu. Or blend it until it is a little coarse & not so smooth like I did in the video. This produces a thicker textured stew.
The ingredients include palm oil, vegetable oil, chopped onions, meat stock, water, seasoming cube & salt. Some tomatoes, tatashe (paprika pepper), shonbo(chilli pepper), rodo(scotch bonnet pepper) & onions. These would be blended together to make your tomato mix.
You will need to bleach the palm oil. Pour palm oil into a heated pot. Cover the pot and leave to heat up for about 12-15 minutes (DO NOT OPEN THE POT) Put off heat and leave to cool for about 15 minutes. Once cooled, you can open the pot & carry on using the bleached palm oil.  Most bukas fry the boiled meat in the oil before adding chopped onions & tomato mix. You can do that. I chose to grill mine.
I really hope you try this recipe as I’d love to know how it turns out. Leave any questions or remarks in the comment section.

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