Concoction rice

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As an undergraduate student, one of the things I had to learn how to do was manage my finances. That wasn’t an easy task as I was a spoilt girl who thought the world revolved around her every whim.
Having typical Nigerian parents, my excesses were tolerated for only a very short period of time before I was made to face the harsh reality of life.
I remember my first month as an undergraduate, I and my folks had come to an agreement on how much I would get as monthly allowance. It was a reasonable sum for a student.
I was so excited! That was my first taste of independence. I had all that money to do as I please with – woohoo! I spared no expense. I was buying clothes, shoes & eating out at least twice daily.
As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for my monthly allowance to run out. In fact, it took exactly 13 days. I called my dad lamenting & he sent me the same amount which got finished in another 2 weeks ?

This went on for 3 months. I was getting what was supposed to be my monthly allowance bi-monthly. My dad would caution me slightly on my spending habits, tell me how this can’t go on indefinitely but still go ahead to give me some more money. So I just believed I would always get away with it.

In the middle of the 4th month, I called my dad with my usual story & he referred me to his accountant which wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was her reply. She said “from my records, you’ve been sent your allowance for the month. It’s not due until another two weeks” My dad simply ignored my incessant calls while my mum grudgingly sent me 20% of what I was used to getting. Not without a stern warning that would be the last time I’d get any extra so I better get my act together.

It was at that moment I kissed goodbye my excess shopping, chicken & chips, Shawarma, Chinese spaghetti etc. I began to master the art of making easy, simple & thrifty foods. Concoction rice & tuna spaghetti were top on my list. And once I started, I never wanted to eat out again!



So this concoction rice recipe I’m about to share with you is one I’ve perfected over the years, It’s my go to recipe when I want an inexpensive, easy, quick & minimalistic but extremely delicious meal. Infact, in my books, this rice is right up there with the legendary  smokey jollof rice. Yes, It’s that good! Don’t dismiss that opinion until you try it. You just might prefer it to jollof rice!
Sachet power oil – 80, onions – 50, Scotch bonnet pepper- 50, Ground crayfish- 50, bayleaves – 50, seasoning cube – 20, Sachet curry & thyme – 50, 1/2  derica of rice – 100.
Okay, #520 is all you need to make enough concotion rive to serve 3 people!
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– Use only as much scotch bonnet as you can handle. Add a little fresh tomato if that’s very little.
– For one cup of rice, use almost 2 cups of water.
– If rice is not as soft as you’ll like when the liquid is fully absorbed, cover pot tightly with a foil & leave to steam for 5 – 10 minutes.

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