How Our Online Training Works

       Payment has to be made at least a day before classes commence. The earlier the better as we have a maximum number of students we can accommodate for each session so as to enable our students get maximum benefits & have a personalized learning experience.  Complete payment 2 weeks before class is scheduled to begin attracts an earlybird discount of 10%. Payment can also be made in 3 instalments but must be completed before classes begin.  
        Once the course begins, students will have a class everyday except Sundays for the duration of the course. There will be no registration afterwards as the students are on a progressive curriculum that cannot be cut short or interrupted. Classes will be via our website & less than 20 minutes. They are all detailed video recipes with explanatory text. Videos are all low data consuming. 
         Students are expected to recreate at least half of dishes learnt & send pictures/videos for assessment. Classes can be attended at student’s convenience as it will be available 24 hours daily for the duration of the course.  All students will have access to myself & a team of chefs for 12 hours daily for any questions concerning recipe or lessons.